David Zunno, L.M.T.

I believe every one is an athlete in their own world.  Runners, swimmers, cyclers or any professional athletes require proper care and maintenance to perform without pain, restrictions, injuries or discomfort. The rest of us are no different. A good combination of strength, flexibility and a pain free body will keep us working and playing at peak performance.

After living with back pain for over 20 years, using the modalities of massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, and lastly pain medications to get by comfortably, I finally decided to remedy the problem with lumbar fusion surgery. I truly understand what it is to live with chronic pain and discomfort. This was the driving force early on in my decision to help others improve their health, their lives, and the performance of their bodies. I have always been an athlete. Having competed in swimming and springboard diving as well as track and field events and ball sports from age 12 through college. Currently with Oregon Masters Swimming and a business member of the Oregon Track Club, cycling and swimming have always been and are still my main athletic activities for staying strong and flexible.

I remain true to my foundations of truth, trust, honor and integrity. With my first love of wellness and human performance, I serve people as a licensed massage therapist . With specialized training for sports and injury based massage, I specialize in providing relief and rehabilitation from injuries and long term conditions through modalities such as Deep Tissue & Sports Massage, Trigger Point & Myofascial Release Therapy. You will get the results you need to get moving the way you should. You will find that my touch and tone are kind and intuitive. My experience with athletics, athletes and pain has conditioned me for those in need of specialized care. My experiences in life make me compassionate, understanding and fun to work with. If you are interested in working with someone who does more than you expect, then you have found him.

Come in and see what a difference I can make for you.

OBMT, NCTMB Certified

LMT# 14265


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